How to Find All IP Addresses on a Domain

  • Open up your MS-DOS prompt. You can do this by hitting your Windows "Start" button. Type "Cmd" in the actual search box.
  • Type "Ping" at the blinking quick. Hit the "Space Bar" on your keyboard once.
  • Type the name of the domain you wish to find IP addresses for. For example,, or even

  • Your text for step 2 and 3 should appear the following: "ping" without the quotation marks.
  • Press the "Return" or "Enter" key in your keyboard.
  • Document the IP address for the site. Keep this number to use in Step 7.
  • Visit a website that enables you to search the Internet Solution's '"Who Is" database (
  • Type the IP address from Step 5 to the search box. Select the option to search through "IP Address. "
  • View the range of IP addresses for that cool domain name. For example, the IP addresses for Google are 209. 191. 64. 0 through 209. 191. 127. 255.