All About Domain Names

A domain name is simply your internet address. Just as you would inform people of your home address to enable them to visit and post mail to you likewise a domain employs the same functionality and gives you an address in the virtual world.

On the more technical side the Domain Title Server also commonly referred to by its acronym DNS assists numerous internet users to reach different web sites. Your individual computers just like all other computers have a distinctive IP addresses. IP is short for Internet Protocol and it includes a series of numbers. Remembering an IP address is not easy and then the DNS helps users to remember the numbers by storing it as letters often called the domain name. You don't have to key in the number 194. 138. 39. 61 but rather you simply type in

It is therefore clear that to be able to have an internet presence you need to get a name. When you are done creating your web site, all that is missing is you picking the name. Unfortunately finding a name that would be suitable for your website might not be as easy as you think. The reason for this is that the selection of a name may already be taken by another person.

A domain name search can entail a large amount of frustration. There are domain search engines in use which will do this job for you but you could wind up typing one name after another with no result in sight.

If you find yourself in a position where you want to cut out the hassle of searching for the perfect name or don't want to incur extra costs then it would work to your benefit to check out the TreasureDomain website. They provide you with the ability to bargain the price of names. All you must do is click on a button labeled 'Make Us An Offer' and you're able to call the shots. They are quick with answering your offers.

Your internet address must be unique and once you have chosen and gone the procedure of registering it, you will take on the ownership and it will be yours forever if you pay the necessary fees every year.