How to View All the Domain Names Hosted on an IP Address

  1. See a You Get Signal website in the Resources area.
  2. Type in the IP or domain name address within the "Remote Address" Box.
  3. Click the "Check" button to pull up a summary of domains hosted on the same Web server.
  4. Navigate to the Domain Tools reverse IP look-up tool in the actual Resources section.
  5. Type in the host name or IP address within the box provided.
  6. Click on the "Look Up" button to begin the search.
  7. This tool will allow you to determine the top five domains hosted from an IP.
  8. See a Domain BY IP website.
  9. Type in the website name, Web address or IP address of the site you need to investigate.
  10. Type the information in the search container.
  11. Click the "Find" button to view the domains listed about the IP address.
  12. You can check the information of every domain name by clicking the "Who Is" link alongside it.