How Does Domain Name Registration Work?

Introduction :
Domain name registration gives a person or company its unique website address. With a domain name, an individual can have an online presence with a Website or even blog. Obtaining a domain name is a not at all hard process. There are several ways to purchase a website name, but using a domain name registrar is the most typical method. There are a wide range of prices available with respect to the services offered by the registrar. All about Domain names have grown to be a multi million dollar industry with people and company buying, selling, trading, auctioning, and investing in domains.

Domain Name Registration Defined
Domain name registration may be the process of registering or purchasing a domain title. The companies that handle the details of registering a website name are called domain name registrars. These registers will also be responsible for the administration and maintenance of domains. For a fee a registrar will secure a domain name for you.

ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) may be the non-profit agency that oversees all domain name registrars. All registrars accredited by ICANN must stick to a code of ethics. There are other advantages to utilizing an accredited registrar. If a registrar goes out associated with business, another accredited registrar takes over the management from the domains so that no person or company loses his website name.

The United States government started InterNIC to possess a central database of all registered all about domain names. (NIC means Network Information Centers. )#)

Whois is a NIC. It's the database that all registrars have or share and this database monitors all registered domain names including the name from the owner, his address, phone number, and email tackle. This personal information is a part of every website name record on file.

Getting a Domain Name
The very first thing to do when getting a domain name is to choose a name you want. Choose a simple and easy to remember name if you wish to get lots of visitors to your Website or even blog. After you have selected a few domains, you then have to check for availability. All registrars possess a Whois database or access to a central database that lists all about domain names in existence. If the name you would like is available, you can buy it for $9 to $30 each year, depending on the registrar used. If a name you would like is owned by someone else, you cannot utilize it. In addition to buying a domain name from the registrar, you can also buy one from website name resellers, domain name brokers or domain name owners who're selling their domains at auction or through providers like Sedo.

Private Vs Public Registration
In the start, people used their own contact information when purchasing a domain name. This was a public registration. But having this personal information on the web led to many domain name owners getting spam, spam and calls from telemarketers. Now people have the choice of private registration for an additional fee. You can purchases private registration simultaneously the domain is purchased or at a later on date. Domains by Proxy is one company providing you with private registration. On the public record in the actual Whois database, Domains by Proxy (or similar company) is listed since the contact for the domain, leaving the personal information from the true owner off all public records.